I'm Taking A Nap

When you find yourself mad at the world and you just can’t take it anymore, what is your personal coping mechanism? Do you find yourself in front of a plate of mash potatoes, or shades down and under the sheets in the middle of the day? Do you become hyper critical and controlling? Or better yet, do you have a tantrum and project your ill will on anyone who unfortunately gets in your line of fire? Listen, it’s always easier to do what you have always done yet this will only get you what you already have!

Step into your greatness by owning your STUFF! No more excuses. You can still move towards your vision for your life even when everything appears unmanageable, unchanging, or unyielding by acknowledging what you never had the courage to confront.

Disrupting the cycle of behavior offers a space to replace habits that no longer serve you, with habits that do. It might be as simple as:

  • taking a shower instead of staying in the bed
  • call a friend and talk it out
  • turn on uplifting music
  • set your alarm a little earlier tomorrow
  • read an affirmation.

So for the next week, I ask that you become aware of your patterns of behavior. What do you think before you suppress or act on an upset? How does your body tell you what is going on (i.e. stomach upset, tension in your head, tightness in your back)? If you have a hard time recognizing this, ask those around you for feedback. Being clear, being honest, and being willing to do something different will set you free. Let’s stop faking it. And let’s talk about it!