Duly Noted

Yesterday, our dear friends flew into Houston from Miami to avoid Hurricane Mathew that was barreling their way. Their teenage boys hadn't seen my kids in four years. .

My girl, J. Howard, hit me up saying it's last minute but let's make this reunion happen! Bam. I got this!

My boy Robert, 13 years old, had a football game so we agreed to meet up there. Then my girl, Gina G., chimed in and asked if her boys could come hang too! Well, of course they can! It was a party now! And you know I love a good party!

I went into super mom mode! I dropped my daughter off at dance practice. Then headed
to the parent teacher conference for my seven year old son, Christian.

."I GOT THIS! "Watch and learn, baby! Watch and learn" my ego exclaimed.

During the conference, Christian's teacher informs me that Christian is WINNING! He is smart and he keeps her laughing and on her toes. Mind you, this is the same child who just a few years back was my biting and throwing tantrums. So this was an excellent report!

After this great meeting, I'm high as kite like I just walked through a Snoop Dog concert! I walked briskly back to my car, praising God for his Grace and phoned my husband to share the good news.

Once I made it across town to the Elie's driveway to get the boys, I got a sinking feeling in my stomach that something was amiss. In that moment, I realized... HOLY JESUS! I forgot Christian at school in the after school program! 

How in the name of everything good in this world did I walk right pass the room he was in, get in my car, drive across town talking about him AND leave him?

I had exactly 23 minutes to pick him up in rush hour traffic before 6pm when they close.

Breathe, girl, breathe.

I hurried back to the school and I got there with 4 minutes to spare.

Christian, confused and slightly exasperated, threw his little hands in the air and said to me, "Didn't you have the meeting with my teacher one hour and 12 minutes ago? Where WERE you?"

Okay! Son. I'm hanging on by a thread here. Work with me!

I then pick up my daughter from dance... 45 minutes late! And she gently said, "Mommy, you might want to have a PLAN the next time! It's kinda rude being so late."

Duly noted!

Yet in the midst of this chaos, I have a praise report!

I made it to the game before halftime!

But, baby, the look of joy on Robert's face, after the game, when he was surprised and startled by all his homeboys on the field, brought me to tears!

The way Robert lit up when Juwan, a man he has looked up to over the years, hugged him tightly and told him how proud he was of his leadership abilities on the field and that he always knew he would be an extraordinary leader even as a small child, made it all so worthwhile.

I don't believe God is looking for perfect. Cause that ain't happening in the Smith household. He is just looking for gratitude in the imperfect times.
To which I am filled to the rim!

All the boys are hanging out again today. It's as if time stood still. They just picked up where they left off four years ago. I am so grateful to bare witness to their sweet reunion that came from a level four hurricane ... I guess the lesson is no matter how messy it was to get there, hurricanes to missing children, we can find a little joy and gratitude in everything we do!

Duly noted.

Side note:
Elis and Howard's... it has been one of my greatest joys in life witnessing our babies grow into such amazing human beings!