My Responsibility

We must accept finite disappointments but never lose infinite hope.

it is my responsibility to show up as a demonstration of possibilities even with blood shot eyes and a heavy heart.

It is my responsibility to find Value in the Valley even when darkness looms.

It is my responsibility to Rise UP when fear is staring me down.

You see, in this moment, even though I am lost in my human-ness, I know there is NOTHING MY HOLINESS can't overcome.

Right now, I will use these emotions to expand and lift me up!

The same leadership I expect from the President of United States of America, I will BE!

I will be transparent. 
I will be humble and inclusive. 
I will lead with a heart of service. 
I will be a demonstration of excellence.

Because the truth is that The Commander In Chief of my life don't live in the White House! He/She is the energy that runs in and through ME!

Tonight, I am weary but I will never GIVE UP. NEVER.

God, help us all.