When I Grow Up

When I was growing up in Oakland, Ca, I was often asked the question, "Tiffany, what do you want to be when you grow up?".

I would reply with confidence and sass, "I want to be a Luther Vandross backup singer!"

I can't hold a tune if my life depended on it! But who was I to mess up the video I had in my head with a little truth like that! I wanted to dress up, put on a big wig and look beautiful and SANG! Also, I would marry Jackie Jackson and have boy and girl twins... and also be a Oakland Raiderette Cheerleader part time. It was simple!

I was given the impression that I needed to decide my likes or dislikes, where I lived or who I lived with,
Or what I did with my time.
I have thought that this individual life I appear to be leading was up to me and that I could find happiness by deciding on my own.
Now I am finding the opposite is true!

I am now learning that it is not my job to decide on my own because I do not perceive my OWN best interest. I am learning that my job is to step back and go into a place of quiet and ask the Spirit that dwells within me for direction. I am learning to practice remembering that on my own... I DO NOT KNOW WHAT MY BEST INTERESTS ARE! But here is the good news... something IN me does!

As I learn to step back more and more, I am finding that the Source of inner wisdom DOES know what my best interest are and will lead me moment by moment, step by step, if pay attention to how my EGO shows up in my life and tries to make me belief I can DO my life on my own.

Here is the thing... We don't know as
Much as we think we know! 
Be teachable. 
Be flexible.
Be open to the knowingness that you only know what your past as taught you.
That's your truth. Not God's Truth!
Those are your limitations! God has no limitations!

So even though I never sang behind Luther or married Jackie Jackson....
My life is sweet! And Thank God, HE knew better!

I still think I could have rocked the black and silver cheerleader uniform! 
Just sayin!

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