Make The Time

How can you not MAKE time for the One who CREATED time?

When we convince ourselves that we are too busy to acknowledge, sit with, or praise the Most High...
Chiiiiiiild, that neon sign is indication that things are about to get rough in here! 
That things are NOT going to work out well for you!

Just so I am clear, when we say we are TOO BUSY to sit with God, this is ego's code for:
"my wounds, my past pain, my unconscious habits are taking over my life!"

Remember ego doesn't want change. Ego wants to convince you that you can do this life alone. Ego feeds off of defiance.

By creating time to hear God's will for your life, you are opening up your soul to receive wisdom, guidance, purpose and clarity. It's like having the best therapist in the world at your disposal (for free) and you continue to be too busy to find time to listen! 
Chiiiild PLEASE!

Make the time.
Make the time to be still. 
Make the time to acknowledge the One who made time!

If you are truly ready to change your life, you will find the time to connect with the Source that gave you life.

And if you are not willing to find the time, ask yourself why?

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