Growling should really be considered a feeling. If you ask me how I feel and I growl, it can be translated into every language, young or old, human beings or dogs… that I am NOT happy! For instance, when I am making a point to which my husband and doesn’t agree and he calmly says, “ I hear you but I just don’t agree.” I growl. How could he not clearly see what I am telling him is the truth of the matter?

Well, after some soul searchin’, I have come to accept this is a classic case of the Miseducation of Tiffany. I have come to accept that what I believe is not The Gospel Truth, it is only my perspective. Grrrrrrrr….


It is imperative for anyone in a relationship to understand that each party is seeing and experiencing EVERYTHING from their personal perspective. Perspective is our frame of reference. Our perspective is influenced by everything from our childhood experiences, cultural beliefs, our feelings in that moment to hormonal changes!

Being aware of the fact that the way you see any situation is only your perspective is vital to having peace in any relationship. Because your partner doesn’t see things your way doesn’t mean they are wrong… it is their experience. When you are having a disagreement with someone, bring this awareness to mind, it helps to soothe the anger and tension. It may not be a personal attack, it could very well be that they just may not have experienced the situation the way you had. And it may be the only way to avoid resorting to growling!

Have you ever considered that what you think, feel and believe may only be your personal perspective? Let’s talk about it!