I have always considered myself a girl’s girl! One of my most treasured gifts is my relationship with my friends. I have friendships that span the world and have withstood the test of time and distance. And when we get together, I experience a slice of heaven here on earth. No matter where we are, no matter how long it has been since we last saw each other, when we are together, there is NO other place I’d rather be than in their company! Usually you will find us eatin’ good food, drinkin’ a little Grey Goose (a little cranberry with extra lime), dancin’ and going deep! 

We talk about everything from fond memories, love, wins, losses, careers, children, getting older, stayin’ young, sex, no sex, being married, being single, life and death… God's grace, lessons learned. There is nothing off limits.  We usually are the table that people complain about because we are too loud or the table they come up and say they want to join (and I do believe those who complain secretly want to join us). And if we can, we take over the stereo and get it poppin’ with some Biggie Smalls, ErykaBadu or Al Green .  You may catch us in Los Angeles, Oakland, D.C, Brooklyn, Belize, New Orleans, or Houston, baby! There is always loud laughter, talkin’ shit, tears, hugs, and love all mixed in for a night out. For me, life doesn’t get any better than this!u

In our pursuit of being “all spiritual”, we can’t forget that laughter is a spiritual practice! There is nothing that tells us that having adult play dates can’t be a part of that equation.

Each of you are so uniquely precious to me! You make me better. As India Arie says, “If I am a reflection of you, I must be fly!” We have created a sacred space where vulnerability, grace, compassion and joy are the expectation. Thank you for that.

Don’t get me wrong, healing is work but don’t get so spiritual that you can’t laugh and just BE.When was the last time you had a play date? When was the last time that you laughed so hard, you snorted? My assignment for you this week, is to make that happen and let’s talk about it!