Chivalry Isn't Dead

My husband and I have made it a point to teach our boys to hold the door open for women following behind them since they were toddlers. And we have taught our daughter to make eye contact and say thank you to anyone who extends her the same courtesy.

When I say we made it a point, I mean we MADE IT A POINT! I would practice with my sons, over and over again, as soon as they were strong enough to grab the door and hold it open. They would hold the door, I’d pass through and exclaim with the same level of enthusiasm as I did when they were potty training, “THANK YOU! YOU ARE SO SWEET! YOU ARE SUCH A GENTLEMAN!” And my husband would practice with my daughter as well.

Now that my oldest boy is nearly 13 years old, he automatically extends this courtesy to anyone who may be walking in or out of a door. He takes pride in being that guy!

What I can’t understand is how so many women and girls won’t even acknowledge this basic act of grace. Who won’t say thank you or even give a nod of acknowledgement. When this happens to my son, he makes eye contact with me and shakes his head in disbelief.

I am teaching him that these are the women that he does not want to date. These are the women who have not been taught to respect the small gifts men have to offer. These are the women who are constantly complaining that there are no good men around. And these are the women who will always be unsatisfied in a relationship. Run, son, run!!!!

When we all become more intentional about seeking reasons to experience gratitude, our eyes will open to small acts of kindness extended to us each and everyday.  Expressing gratitude can transform a common day into an extraordinary day for all involved.

If you are constantly complaining that chivalry is dead, you might want to consider the lens in which you see the world.

Think about it, do you make a point to acknowledge small acts of kindness extended towards you during your day? Let’s talk about it!