I've Been Run Amuck

“I’ve been bamboozled, hoodwinked, run amuck! I trusted you with my life!”

“CUT!” the director in your lifetime movie yells out!

Now let’s stop right there. What made you think that someone else should be responsible for your happiness and joy?  Where is the ownership in that scene of the movie?

When you make the choice to give away your power, you can best believe that the end of the movie won’t fair well for you. Why are you assuming someone else is able to create for you what you are unwilling to create for yourself?

That is a vicious game played with those closest to us when we are unwilling to stand in the truth of who we really are.  Take the time to know yourself, value yourself, respect yourself, and then you would gladly take responsibility and ownership for your own joy and freedom. Because the truth is, no one is capable of doing it for you but you.

Where are you starring in the role of victim in your life? Let’s talk about it!