A Mother's Work

So God truly does have a sense of humor!

Being that it is Mother's Day weekend, I was looking forward to a day to celebrate me! My boys' school had a special Mother's Day Mass  and my daughter's school had a Cinco De Mayo celebration as well.  Afterwards, I planned on relaxing by getting my hair and nails done.

We all know what God does when we make plans!

This morning was a mess! For some reason, my son took his socks and shoes off on the way to school and we couldn't find them. I held up the entire car pool line for like  5 minutes while we searched high and low for that ONE sock. The car literally ate the sock!

My daughter left her boots for her Fiesta De Mayo performance in my car so after I dropped her off to hurry BACK to my boys, her teacher called to inform me that she can't perform without the boots. So I raced back to her school so I wouldn't miss the celebration at the boys' school and be late for her performance later.

Once I arrive to the school, I ran in the restroom and notice that my new "church" outfit was not that much of a church dress! It was a much more sheer "get em" dress than I ever imagined! LORD HAVE MERCY!
It looked like I was going to "da club" at 8:30am.

"Hiiiii Mrs. Smith!", exclaimed the 8th grade boys. 
Just shoot me in my pinky toe.

Trying to conceal my THOT dress at a Catholic mass, I enjoyed the Mother's Day pictures, flowers and music with my sons and scurried out. Arrived at the hair salon and settled in when I received a call from my baby boy's school nurse. My six year old son had a pebble in his ear. 
"A what?"
A pebble lodged in his ear!"
"How the hell did the pebble get in his ear?!!"

I drove BACK across town, with my hair and nails UNDONE, picked him up to take him to Urgent Care where the doctor informed me that they can't get it out! OH MY GOD! So he advised me to rush to a pediatric ears, nose, throat specialist at the Children's Hospital, in rush hour traffic, before they closed on Friday night cause it's fur real LODGED in his ear! 

BTW... No show on my daughter's performance which I'm sure she will react as if I missed her wedding!

So here we are at Children's Hospital. And I'm thinking... This is what it means to be mother. At times it is inconvenient , unpredictable, unexpected and hard as hell! Some days you sacrifice in ways that you never knew you were even capable of doing.

So I am choosing to re-frame this experience with the knowing that shit happens! I get to remember that giving is the other side of the same coin of receiving. So the act of giving love and patience will allow for me to experience this love back tenfold cause It is ALL one in the same. And as you know, this IS the definition of  being a mom. 

There aren't a lot of times we get to do great things for our kids but we can choose to do small things with great love.

Yes, God... I clearly am your daughter cause I see your serious sense of humor today!

And hubby... Mama needs a minute! Looking for a serious foot massage tonight with a glass of wine while we glare at the pebble the great doctor retrieved from our boy's ear.

Happy mother day to all you mommies and mamas... Doing the best you can. I know you feel me!