Birthday Girl

I'm celebrating my first birthday while being on Facebook!! What an outpouring of light and love... Who knew?!!

I'm 47 years young today and I feel so blessed to be alive and awake!

This has been such a journey getting to this place of peace and joy in my life. I feel so humbled to be Dean's daughter, Lena's granddaughter and Mary's great granddaughter.
What they sacrificed for me to be...
Brings me to tears!

I pray that I will continue to make them proud by loving God and myself everyday so that I will have more than enough love to share with my husband, children, family, friends and community!

Brunch At Tiffany's is an manifestation of lessons I have learned. I pray this will be a sacred place in the midst of violence, hatred and confusion where we can lay that aside to learn to love God, ourselves and each other. I am truly a work in progress. And I am certainly learning as I teach.

I can't express how excited I am for the future! For me and for you!
Thank you for the support. My heart is filled to the rim with joy!