In Pursuit of Perfection

Perfection is Bullsh&t! And I’m not taking it anymore! There is no such thing and I believe we should sign a petition to ban the very word from the dictionary. Let’s sign a petition to take it out!

The very nature of being a human being is a messy proposition.  Humans are designed to learn from mistakes, missteps, and perceived failures. That withstanding, the desire for perfection goes against the basic tenant of being a human being.

The pursuit of perfection, turns up the volume of critical self talk, harsh self judgment and unrealistic expectations of you and those around you. Do any of these ring true for you?

1)  If I am perfect, I am in control my life.

2) People will admire, approve and like me if I appear perfect.

3) Secretly want to be perceived as better than most people.

4) If I mess up, I don’t want to participate at all

5) Being perfect means I am a good person who is worthy of love

6) What people think of me matters! What happens if they realize I really don’t have it together?

7) I have been told that I am rigid and inflexible in my opinions and behavior.

8) Yes, I am a harsh critic of others just as I am with myself.

9) My health and relationships have been negatively affected by my need for things to appear to be perfect.

If so, I am sure you are exhausted or those around you are exhausted from being in your company! It’s time for a change!

If you sick and tired of being sick and tired, you can shift your perspective because this perfection thing works wonders for the short term, the disadvantage to this is that when you can not do all that you have made up in your mind you MUST do to feel worthy and deserving, then you end up depleted, ashamed and frustrated with life.  When you examine how stressful it is to strive for something that is only fleeting, at best, doesn’t it makes sense strive for something that is more sustainable?

Are you in the pursuit of perfection? Let’s talk about it!