A Mother's Heartbeat

Seven years ago today, I never knew the child I would give birth to would soon become my greatest teacher.

He is my "surprise" baby.

He was the only one of all children who had OFF THE CHAIN tantrums every-where!

He was the only one that got kicked out of the mommy day out programs for biting every-body!

I often referred to him as my Chihuahua with dimples.

He should thank God for those dimples cause they saved me from catching a case for taking him out!

He is my strong Leo. My mirror.

Before he mastered mommy or daddy, he would yell "I DO IT!"

He has humbled me in ways I never could have imagined. He brought me to my knees and closer to God. He came into my life to teach me to surrender.

He has grown into the most precious, intense, kind, intelligent, yummy little spirit any mommy could ask for.

He constantly asks me cerebral questions like "Are meteors cold before they come to earth?" Jesus help me!

And as his soft eyes intensely watch me as I search my mind for the answer I NEVER knew, he gently let's me off the hook and replies, "It's okay mommy, I'll ask Suri."

And only hours later, as he talks to me intently while I put my makeup on, he pauses and asks me "Mommy, can I marry you?"

He is my heartbeat running around this house, instigating his brother and sister all day long. Giggling, jumping off everything, laughing from the moment he wakes up to the moment his head hits his pillow.

I never thought I could handle having three people to raise, and seven years later... I can't imagine my life without him.

Happy Birthday, my precious baby!

You make my heart sing!