Choose Wisely, Then Treat Kindly

I'm realizing that I am a bit old school in my marriage.

I try to be available as much as possible.
I try to be the safe place in the storm.
Create a cozy home for him to lay his head after slaying dragons for us.
I cook...I mean, I'm not burning it up like big mama...but I COOK!

One of the best words of wisdom
I have ever received before marriage was to:

You have to choose your future with the healthiest part of yourself!

You must think instead of just feel your way to a good marriage!

You must remember that the time to be MOST discerning is BEFORE you create the union that will shape your life.

You can't treat a fool kindly! 
A fool will mistaken your kindness for weakness.
A fool only cherishes what he has WHEN IT'S GONE!

Once you choose wisely...
Find ways to forgive. 
Find ways to be kind.
Find ways to keep it hot.

Once you choose wisely...
Protect it with all your heart! Cause it really doesn't get better than what you already have!

In what ways could you treat your boo kindly today that will remind
You what I wise choice you made?

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