The story of Cinderella is the worse story ever! The story that somehow a man is going to come rescue us from ourselves has probably caused more damage in our society than the entire REAL HOUSEWIVES franchise put together.

First of all, what makes you think that because a man has a penis that he is less messed up than you? And that he is capable of managing your happiness while he is trying to figure out his own happiness?

We need to re-write the Cinderella story with Prince charming actually working through his issues with his father, with his self worth, and his own doubts and fears. The real prince charming is trying to do the best with what he has, like you! What makes you believe that he should or is even capable of taking on all your broken shoes when he has a bunch of shoes of his own that need to be shined?

If you run across a man that is willing to be your prince charming by fixing your shoe (and your stuff) run for the hills! Because as sure as I'm sitting here that story won’t have a happy ending.

The internal work begins when you acknowledge the unconscious desire to be taken care of by others.

Figuring out how to be in relationship while being 100% responsible for your happiness is A GROWN WOMAN’S work.  Yet it must be done. No one can fix your life or bring you the joy that you don’t already feel within your heart. There are happy endings in this life yet Cinderalla’s way ain’t one of them.

Where is the Cinderella complex showing up in your life? Let’s talk about it.