New Start

In final thought, I will respond in greater detail to some of the comments you post on various sections of the website. Please check back often as we will constantly update this page. Let’s start peeling back the layers to reveal the life you were intended to live. Your comments and questions will not only support you on your journey to healing, but others as well. To protect your privacy, I encourage you not to use your real name in your response, that way there can be more transparency.

New Start wrote this comment in response to the blog post "To Thine Own Self Be True".  

That really hit home: asking myself if I "believed" that I deserved it. I think that we are often our most harsh critics, and secretly we can think the world of others--but are not willing to admit that we too deserve something! My New Year’s Goals are important to me because I want to show myself that I can start something and finish it. I can do this.

Dear New Start,

I must say that I think it is awesome that you are beginning to challenge thoughts and beliefs that don’t support you! And that you are ready to consider a new way of thinking and be-ing! Brava!

I hear you saying a couple of things… First, I hear you asking yourself if you are deserving of what you say you want. And secondly, that it is important for you to show yourself that you are capable of following through your 2016 New Year’s goals. Am I hearing you correctly?

My question for you is, in the past, has it been a challenge for you to follow through on what you say you want or what you say you deserve?

If so, I would like to offer that you consider a different way of looking at this. Is it possible that the reason you have been unable to attain your goals, in the past, is a direct byproduct of feeling unworthy or undeserving?

The way you can figure this out for yourself is to examine your inner critic and what this critic is telling you about what you deserve in your life.

Before we go any further we must define inner critic. I love this definition by Dr. Linda Firestone:

“We all have a “critical inner voice,” which acts like a cruel coach inside our heads that tells us we are worthless or undeserving of happiness. This coach is shaped from painful childhood experiences and critical attitudes we were exposed to early in life as well as feelings our parents had about themselves. While these attitudes can be hurtful, over time, they have become ingrained in us. As adults, we may fail to see them as an enemy, instead accepting their destructive point of view as our own.”

In using this definition of “critical inner critic”, what is your inner critic telling you about you? Let’s talk about.

Peace and blessings,