Chi Girl

Chi Girl wrote this comment in response to blog post "To Thine Own Self Be True":

I'm so excited for you, my friend! You know I want to find the man of my dreams! I have waited and worked on my stuff but I just can't seem to attract what I feel like I deserve. I am still attracting men who won't commit. Who have so much baggage. I feel discouraged now. I spent another New Years Eve alone. I don't get it. I know what I want... it just doesn't appear to out there.

Hey Chi Girl,

I feel your pain. I know how it feels when you feel like you are ready for love yet Mr. Right seems to have made a wrong turn! If I understand you correctly, I hear you saying that you have worked on your stuff… does this mean that you have started healing some of your past wounds? Furthermore, I hear you saying that now you feel ready for love yet the men you are attracting and that are attracted to you are not ready to commit? Do I understand you correctly?

Where do you spend your leisure time? What are your passions and interests? Do you find the time to go to events that give you joy? Are you a part of any groups or organizations where there are men that share the same interest as you? When you are out and about do you smile and flirt with guys? Or are you reserved and shy? Showing up in the fullness of who you are is what will attract you to the man you want in your life.  If you are unsure of how you are showing up, ask those that love you for feedback. They may see something you aren’t able to see yet.

Secondly, a wise woman once told me that to become the man you want to attract! If you want a man with good credit, how is your credit? You want a man who is kind and generous, is your heart open and giving?

Lastly, the man you are seeking is preparing for you as you are preparing for him. Everyday be mindful to be treat yourself with the tenderness you are seeking from him… I truly believe that this is the recipe for attracting what you want and deserve.

Holla at me... what are you doing and who are you BE-ing to attract the man of your dreams?