Christy Love

Christy Love wrote the comment in response to blog post “Practice What You Preach”.

“Great conversation...religion has never fit well on me and as far as my spirituality there are times when I am fully connected and then there are times when I feel isolated and alone although I know it is not true. When I am feeling disconnected, I have been switching up my daily practice to fit my vibe that I am on.”

Christy Love,

Because so many of us are figuring out how to have a personal relationship with God/Spirit… I am curious, how do you isolate? And how do you use your Spiritual practice to support you in raising your vibrational level so you no longer feel disconnected?

I really think so highly of someone when they are courageous enough to admit to the world what most of us hide. In my opinion, having these kinds of conversations are the beginning of changing everything and everyone around us. The shame and guilt keep us bound to the lie we tell ourselves that we are alone! So when you acknowledge what you are going through, it will support someone else in doing the same!

“Hope is being able to see there is light despite the darkness”

All of us are so different and unique. Therefore, wouldn’t our spiritual practices be unique to our needs as well? By sharing your spiritual practice, you may inspire someone else who feels disconnected and alone to try another approach to life, supported by Spirit.

Thank you for sharing!