Brunch At Tiffany’s is an online community that provides tools, life coaching, motivational speaking, and resources to encourage people to step out of their comfort zones and self imposed limitations to experience the life they were intended to live.

Five years ago, the sunshine seemed not to shine as bright in my life. After experiencing a series of loss and challenges, I was depleted and living on autopilot. Was this it? Was this the life I was intended to live? These questions led me on a spiritual journey. With much trepidation, I enrolled in a Personal Development/Spiritual Life Coaching program through Inner Visions Institute in Silver Springs, MD, a curriculum designed by master teacher/life coach/minister Iyanla Vanzant. Here I learned spiritual principles, tools, and new ways to love and honor myself. This journey continues to challenge me to show up in my life with authenticity, vulnerability and passion. By examining deep -seated fears, doubts and self- judgments, the sunshine has returned in my life, even when it appears dark. 

 It is my intention to share what I am learning on my personal journey and provide a safe place for you to do the same. As I start this new chapter of my life, my heart is filled with gratitude. Thank you for joining me. Let’s do this together!