What the What??!!!!!

Steve Harvey made international headlines after he accidently declared Miss. Columbia the Miss Universe winner instead of Miss Phillippines during the 2015Miss Universe pageant. It created a firestorm on the news and on social media. OMG! At first, my heart sank for him. Yet soon thereafter, I wanted to see how this man who had overcome so many obstacles in his past, would overcome this setback or perceived “failure”. And he didn’t disappoint.

 How one internalizes setbacks or “failures” will determine if you will experience the satisfaction of reaching your greatest desire. Many of us retreat from what we want when faced with the possibility of failure. We quit to avoid being labeled a failure. This is a common reaction. Yet it is possible to use these setbacks as fuel to pull you forward.

 The first step is to remind yourself that rejection, setbacks, and disappointments are necessary ingredients in realizing your dream. We are asking ourselves to do something we have either never done before, or haven’t been able to maintain… yet! When babies learn to walk, do we yell at them for falling? No! We keep encouraging them to get back up and praise them for each attempt. We must do that for ourselves.

 Secondly, it’s time to create habits that support you in being gentle with yourself. Take note on the way you speak to yourself when you are discouraged.  It is vital to become aware of the self- chatter. Are you kind to yourself? Are you open to feedback? Are you affirming and reassuring to yourself? Are you able to find some level of humor in the moment?

 How you rebound from setbacks speaks volumes about who you are. It doesn’t have to be so hard. It takes self -awareness, commitment, ownership and the ability to laugh at yourself at times to create the change in your life that you most desire. 

Are you prepared to require that your body, mind and spirit do something unfamiliar, awkward or dare I say… scary to achieve what you most desire?

How do you handle the setbacks in your life? How do you care for yourself in those moments? Let’s talk about it.