I Don't Have Time to be Healthy...I'm Too Busy Complaining

Have you ever experienced the frustration of speaking with a “friend” (never us!) who complains about someone or some-thing, yet as soon as you get to point in the discussion where it is time to DO something different, the birds begin to chirp?

Or the narrative becomes:

  • I would but…
  • I can’t because…
  • If they would only change, I could….

I’m sure this has never BEEN you but does it sound at all familiar TO you?

The truth is that there is comfort in what we are familiar with. Even if it’s painful, it’s better than releasing the story…. Because without that story, we are soley responsible for the condition of our lives.

 To overcome your excuses you must first admit that you are making them in the first place.Excuses can be disguised as deflection, projection, procrastination and resistance.

Maybe this is difficult to do, however it’s absolutely necessary and critical if you want to eliminate the resulting consequences.

Once you find the courage to let go of what no longer works for you by recognizing the excuses you tell yourself, you will be released from the bondage of your past. Excuses are simply illusion of security.

What excuses are serving? Let’s talk about it.