Learn to Listen

How's your love life doin'???

If the first duty to LOVE is to listen... 
What's your relationship saying about your ability to listen with your heart and not your ego?

Listening is not thinking while someone is talking.

Listening is not waiting your turn to speak.

Listening is not being passive

It's not waiting to be right, it's not remembering and it's not judging or evaluating!

If we do not listen, we cannot communicate, If we do not listen, we do not think clearly.
If we do not listen, we can not love!

When was the last time you truly listened? No judgement, no expectation, no tea no shade.,, just listened to understand?

And , My God, when was the last time you felt truly heard??

You might want to start there when you are evulating that state of your relationships! Start by simply listening!

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