How do you change your mind?

I recently received this question from one of my Facebook followers. 

How do you change your mind?

What a great question! Seriously… simple yet profound!

Here is what I believe to be true. One can change their minds by getting clear about the way we choose to view the world we live in. All of us have a lens. By this I mean, we have a way in which we interrupt or experience every single encounter, every single relationship. This lens encompasses things that we were taught as children, wounds from our childhood, beliefs, thoughts, perspectives, and what we expect from the world we live in. We have our personal interpretations of what truth is. Yet our prospective is just that… the truth as we see it, not the Truth. The Truth with the capital T is the Universal Truth that is a law that never changes, is ever present, and was true when we were born and will be true well after we are no longer living. This Truth is God. It is Spirit. It is the energetic force that connects all that is. This is what all traditional religions express. Examples of what we experiences when we are in alignment with Truth are love, joy, compassion, forgiveness, order, clarity, creativity, abundance, patience, passion and peace.

In my humble opinion, the highest calling given to man is the power of conscious thought. Our thoughts determine how we see and experience the world. To embody these Universal principles or Truth into our every day lives is what it means to be enlightened. In every living creature there is this pull towards God, to Spirit. Yet we as human beings have the unique ability to have free will. We get to choose whether we surrender to “the story”, our perspective or the Truth.

When we change our mind set, we allow the wounded unconscious part of us to run our lives, while not allowing the Truth of who we really are meant to be to be expressed! When we change our minds, we can change our lives because we are no longer held hostage to our past, we are empowered by Truth. It is of the utmost importance to pay great attention over the thoughts we think. What we give attention to, becomes greater. What we pay attention to becomes who we are. It is so vital to be aware of the quality of our thoughts because they create the quality of our lives.  

It’s a process, my friend. I am truly is a work in progress. Each day I get to start over again with the Truth on my side, God willing. But it is well worth the journey. It is the only journey worth taking.

I pray I was clear. I pray my words spoke to you. I am grateful for your question and the opportunity to share what I have learned. Be blessed!