Fear of Water

Here's the thing... I love the idea OF water but not actually being IN water. Growing up in Oakland, California, I was surrounded by the bay. It was beautiful, majestic and scary as hell! I NEVER swam in that Pacific Ocean. It never occurred to me to even try! Never had the desire. Never considered it as a viable option especially after watching JAWS I and II! And to be honest, I thought people who did venture into the water as the same people who would GO SEE what the scary noise was in the horror movie!

As my children grow up, I don't want them to inherit my fears. I am mindful to let them experience what gives me hives. Having them play in open body of water truly triggers primal fear in the depths of my soul, yet that's about my self imposed limitations, not theirs.

The more I accept that this WAS my fear and it no longer has to BE my fear is a revolutionary concept for me. What terrified my mother and grandmother-doesn't have to be my reality. When I change my mind, I can change my reality.

So today, I will consciously breathe while my children have the time of their lives. Don't get me wrong, I will be watching them like their life depended on it! I may not be fully relaxed but I will keep my opinion to myself. And I will use this opportunity to experience something different by seeing through a different lens!
Pray for me!

What fears in your life are no longer serve you?  Dig deep and let's talk about it!