Will You Love Me?

Everyone seeks validation.

The wealthy want to know if you will want them if they were broke.

The successful want to know if you will love them if they fail.

The beautiful want to know if you will yearn for them when they are no longer desirable.

The bold want to know if you will respect them if they show their vulnerability.

The selfless want to know if you will admire them if they have a moment of selfishness.

Even though we ask these questions of others, the real question is whether we are willing to accept these hidden parts of ourselves?

Even though we call for complete acceptance of others “in the name of love”, could it be that our souls are challenging us, in the name of love, to fully embrace those aspects of who we are that we judge as unacceptable or unworthy?

Just a question....

The next time you find yourself asking if someone would love you if….

Ask yourself, would I?