A Salute to Mothers

I am the walking demonstration of my mother, my mother's mother, her mother... My ancestors.

I am the gift they dreamed of seeing.

I am the product of their pain, their joy, their suffering, their sacrifice.

I am bound to them even though I can't see or hear their voices. These women's spirits guide my every step by protecting me, giving me comfort and guidance. 

I am the daughter of strong beautiful soldiers. You died so I could live. I made it out because of you!!

My mother, my grandmothers and their mothers' love courses through my veins and watches over me and my children.

How blessed am I?

I will serve your memory well! I will continue to tell your story. I will mother my children in ways you weren't allowed to do.

I will get up each day... love, laugh and express my highest self in your honor. Never bowing my head in shame.

I will look up at the skies not at my feet because I know from wince I came.

I have been loved by my mom who protected her girls with the fierceness of a lioness! Who broke the cycle and said why not me? I deserve MORE! Over my dead body will these streets take my girls!

I have been loved by women who just chose to love me because of the big-ness of their hearts. 

Words can't express my deepest gratitude for each of you. For the love and the example.

Words can't express the gratitude I feel for the mama who raised the man who I would one day fall in love with and make our babies!

I proudly stand on your shoulders! I am because you were. I love you.

Happy Mother's Day!