Self Esteem Starts Within

Self -esteem doesn’t come from being told how beautiful, smart or loved you are.

It doesn’t come from how much money you make or how many degrees you earn.

Authentic self -esteem comes from enduring what you never thought you could withstand and achieving what you once thought was inconceivable.

You see, we are so externally focused, we forget our power resides within us!  We forget how we grow stronger and more resilient from pain and setbacks, We forget that if we choose to allow it to teach us rather than destroy us, we will be better for the experience.

Unfortunately, growth and self-esteem is born out of being uncomfortable, feeling the pain of rejection, enduring trials, and recovering from disappointments. There will be ever evolving seasons in our lives as long as we are breathing. For these gloomy times to have a purpose, we can find ways to impress ourselves, make ourselves proud, to be victorious! This requires discipline, courage, tenacity and faith.

So when the clouds are present and days seem bleak…

Stop asking yourself why is this happening to me?

Instead, ask yourself (and Spirit) how can I use this hardship to strengthen my self–value, self -love, and self -worth? Living in the knowing-ness that the only purpose pain serves us is to teach us who we truly are. And to Whom we belong.

How have you impressed your self lately? Let’s talk about it!