Anxiety Is A Choice

I am truly fascinated by people!
I love watching their reactions and interactions
Especially when I am traveling.

This morning while heading into the airport with my hubby, I peeped out a grandma with her two well behaved adorable granddaughters about 4 and 6 years old.

The best way I can describe the grandma is that her nerves were BAD! She was frazzled from
the top of her hair to the bottom
of her feet.

I witnessed her get out of the parking lot van, head to the ticket counter and finally arrive to the TSA security line. By the time she got to the security line, it was if someone was tap dancing in their 6 inch Louboutin heels on her last nerve! Mind you, the little
Girls were chillin!

Every move the kids made alarmed her. Every laugh was met with a shhhhhh! I could see that she was barely breathing.

By the time she arrived at the security line, she was beyond herself! As she was putting her things on the conveyer belt, 
she panicked, began looking around frantically for one of her granddaughters. She then screamed her name "WILLOW JANE"! Yet as she turned around, grandma bumped right to the little girl! The granddaughter exclaimed "Grandma, I'm right BEHIND you!"
I was blessing every bodies heart by now! I could see that as calm as the little ones were, they were reviving up the meet grandma's vibrational level. I began to pray that those girls wouldn't have a uncontrollable nervous twitch by the time they arrive to wherever they were headed.

It was evident that grandma had made it up in her mind that this was going to be a stressful trip. Who knows the circumstances for this trip, so my heart really did go out to her.

And that got me to often have I proclaimed that some activity would be hard, stressful, or overwhelming before I even start? How often have I made up my mind that my nerves will be bad by the end of doing something and damn if I am not right more often then not!

I am learning that I get to choose my reaction.

I am responsible for the vibrational level I bring to any situation.

I set the intention for my experiences.

I get the choose how I show up...

So when I encounter this TSA agent who looks mean as hell and that I am clearly disturbing by my mere presence while she is talking to her co-worker, I make up mind to
breathe, remind myself my intention for this trip, SMILE and see her loving essence.

I'm all good!
Cause nobody got time for that!

Thanks grandma for my lesson.
I pray you have a safe trip and you will change your mind by the time you get to your destination! And maybe someone with a kind heart will buy you a glass of wine on your flight! Lord definitely could use it!