First Be Best, Then Be First

Thank you Grant for your legacy!

Thank you Grant for your legacy!

Our society is consumed with being the first, the shiniest, famous, the most paid.... yet there is no conversation about the dedication it takes to master your craft. To master your mind. To have enough esteem to feel worthy of the goodness we say we want.

The endless nights of sacrifice and the constant repetition to master our impulses and self defeating habits to be the best YOU is much less appealing than the immediate gratification of fame and fortune.

Yet, by bypassing the work required to sustain "first" place will result in resenting the gift and destroy the blessing. Because it was never truly yours in the first place.

So that man you feel like you don't deserve... ain't gonna make you happy!

That quick money you lucked up one... will soon be disappear.

That car you can't really afford... will be repossessed.

By being first and not the best... , you miss the opportunity to gain the self worth, self value and discipline requires to sustain the gift.

Be mindful of what you wish for, if it doesn't require you being the best you... it won't last long and it won't bring you peace.

Do the work people!!! And the result will be your win!!!