David Bowie: An Unapologetic Life of a Legend

David Bowie

When I think of David Bowie, I think of an innovator, a pioneer, a man who integrated music and fashion in an unapologetic fresh way… he was COOL.

He was one of the first rock stars that caught my attention as a teenager growing up in Oakland, CA. I remember rushing home after school to be sure not to miss MTV. As a 16 year old, I waited for his videos to come on without fully grasping why his music spoke to my rebellious heart.  He held my attention with his soulful beats, his husky voice, smooth lyrics and not to mention he was PHINE. Yet when he married the beautiful Somalian supermodel, Iman, nearly 20 years ago, he became a LEGEND in my mind.  He was a man who danced to the beat of his own music!

As I watched the news coverage of his life, his legend and his all too soon passing, I pulled up the video of his 1983 single ‘Let’s Dance’.  What a perfect song for the life he lived. He didn’t ask for permission to be exactly who he was. He married who he loved. He wrote music that spoke to his heart. He debuted his final album at 69 years young. He created and performed with abandonment until his death. Isn’t that the point?

It’s easy to sit back and watch life happen around us. Make excuses for why we can’t, won’t or shouldn’t. Yet is it time for you to DANCE? Is it time to step into your greatness?

There is no difference between David Bowie and us, except he did it ANYWAY. He didn’t wait for permission. He didn’t ask if it was acceptable. He wasn’t seeking approval. He lived and loved the way his soul lead him to.

God bless you, David Bowie. You have inspired me with your creativity, light, and courage! May you continue to dance with the angels.

Are you dancing?  Let’s talk about it!