To Compromise or Not to Compromise...That is the Question!

Whew… Mrs. Eartha Kitt!!!! You need to breathe, girlfriend!

Disclaimer: What I am speaking about below is targeted towards someone who has chosen wisely in their partnership so they are free to treat them kindly. If you are in relationship with a fool, or have chosen a partner based only the wounded you, please discard anything else that is written. See HOW NOT TO COMPROMISE

That being said…

Love is a commitment between one imperfect person and another imperfect person. To love somebody isn’t just a strong passion-filled feeling. It is a choice and a commitment that requires compromise. It’s a spiritual

There can be no peace in a relationship without having a short lived memory and a forgiving heart. The very nature of intimacy is to invite someone in your life who triggers you to the marrow of your bones!


Compromising doesn’t mean that you are wrong and the other person is right. It means that you value your relationship more than your ego. The more you compromise, like with most things, the easier it becomes to do when you strengthen the muscle. Also, the more you do it, the more your partner will do the same because you are constructing a safe place for both of you to let your guard down without the risk of being disrespected or discounted for it. It becomes contagious. Because most of us have not been taught how to compromise,  it may feel awkward and it may take some time for it to feel natural for you and your partner. Yet it is the glue to having a quality relationship

In my experience, when I choose to compromise, I first feel apprehensive and guarded. Then once I do it, I feel powerful and grounded in something bigger than myself rather than experiencing the short lived high of being right in that very moment.

What are your judgments about compromising in a relationship? Let’s talk about it.