Masterpiece of Your Life

We are the master artists of our own lives!

Anytime we express our vulnerabilities, we are painting on the canvas of our souls.

Anytime we express our authentic selves, we are allowing our hearts to break open just enough for more light to shine in.

Anytime we express our passions, our angels rejoice!

Anytime we show up without the mask, we heal.

Anytime we lean into God’s arms and surrender, we grow stronger.

Being an artist means forever healing your own wounds and endlessly exposing them at the same time.

This doesn’t mean you have to paint like Picasso, or sing like Patti LaBelle or ball like Stephan Curry. It means unmasking the part of you that is hidden in shame and guilt in any way you are meant to demonstrate your art. When you consciously do that, you are not only healing your life, you are healing the lives of others.

Each moment is a Devine opportunity to be a master artist of your own life by simply being authentic, intentional and loving in all that you do.

It takes courage to stand naked in front of the world, but those that do, change the world!

Today, how will you expose the masterpiece that is you? Let’s talk about it!