Stop Before You Think

What are you thinking about RIGHT this minute? Be honest!

Is it constructive or beneficial for your life?

Is it supporting what you SAY you want from YOUR life?

Or are your thoughts of lack, negativity, judgment, anxiety and doubt?

"Think this over carefully. To what extendtis your thinking positive or negative , constructive or detrimental?

In other words, just what are you DOING to yourself?

Once you realize the power of your thoughts, you will know that this consistent pattern of thinking is what you are experiencing in your health, affairs and relationships.
— Willis Kinnear, 30 Day Mental Diet

If your life isn't what you desire, You can start RIGHT now to shift it, create it, experience it!

Just for today, monitor how much you talk about, think about, expect what you DON'T want from your life?

Whatcha thinking about? Let's talk about.