Women Set The Standard

Come on ladies!

There is more to sex appeal than our behinds!

Sensuality can be even more powerful with our clothes on AND when we are selective about the audience we share our precious bodies with.

I know many women who exude as much sex appeal with a turtle neck on rather that a swim suit. A coy smile and a glance can stop a man dead in his tracks.. Without baring every nook and cranny of our bodies!

Fellas, am I lyin?

Women who "get it" are consumed with cultivated their minds, their hearts, their souls, their passions for life.

They exude beauty, grace and fierce understanding of how important they are to the world.

You can't come at me with nonsense when I am on top of my spiritual game!!!

We must remember that we are setting the standard for generations to come.

We must remember that we are the vision for how our girls will view themselves and their bodies.

We must remember that we do matters not only to us but for every woman because we are always connected.

Be the example from whence our girls learn to carry themselves.

Where are our standards????

What will your granddaughters learn from having you as the example of womanhood?

Just wondering?

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