I'm Getting My Hair Done

She says;

I need to lose weight. I want to workout but I don’t have the time to do so. I am too tired to do workout after work. All I want to do is to go home and get to bed. Yet I feel like shit. I don’t like being like this.

I say:

Would you consider waking up earlier in the morning to do so?

She says:

 I can’t. I already get up at 5:30am.

I say:

What about your lunch break?

She says:

I can’t. I don’t want to mess up my hair.

I say:

What about the weekend?

She says:

 No, girl, I get my hair done on the weekend!

I get it!! I never thought I would become a runner unless the police were chasing me! Yet what she doesn’t understand is that what she is unwilling to do has gotten her to where she is NOW!

We unconsciously become attached to okay-ness in our lives. The okay-ness of the quality of our relationships, our careers, our appearance or our relationship with God. We quietly wait for the perfect, easier, most comfortable way to get to our vision. It just doesn’t work like that!


There is a level of fear, sacrifice and discomfort required to realize your dreams! We choose to spend our time running away, denying, deflecting, throwing tantrums, sitting in resistance and making up stories in order to avoid the discomfort of the unknown or unfamiliar.

Many of us want to control what we will sacrifice yet when we are called to move out of our comfort zones,  we don’t get to choose how we to do  it!  To play to win, YOU MUST DO WHAT IS REQUIRED BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

Sacrifice and uncertainty are the price of admission to becoming the best you! Dreams begin at the end of your comfort zone!

You will survive being uncomfortable, but will you survive the remorse for not living the life you were intended to live? Let’s talk about it!