Passion & Pleasure

February is known to be the month of love. It leaves many of you excitedly anticipating playing out your romantic fantasies with your lovers (don’t you just love that word… LOVA) or it may leave some of you in a fetal position resenting this month ALL together because you don’t have a LOVA. Or you may be looking at the person who once was the love of your life and you can’t begin to understand how or when the passion disappeared from what once was a passionate and fulfilling union.

It’s easy to fool yourself into believing the amount of pleasure you are experiencing (or not) is because of state of your relationships… yet the truth is that pleasure is a reflection of the state of your consciousness, whether you are in a relationship or not. The art of pleasure stems from who you are, not what you do or who you may be doing!

When I began to have mad passionate love affair with my own life, the rest fell perfectly into place.
— Katrina Mayer

This month, whether you are single, married, in relationship or not…. Start asking yourself:

  • What gives me pleasure?
  • Am I able to ask for what I desire?
  • Am I waiting for someone else to do for me what I refuse to do for myself?
  • Do I have any old judgments/fears that keep me from exploring my personal passions?

Start adding what makes your heart sing to your TO DO list! Engage all five of your five senses. i.e taste, sight touch, smell hearing, It doesn’t matter if you have a partner or not…Ask yourself what makes you feel alive and go for it with reckless abandonment! And if that is your lova, tell ‘em I said “You’re Welcome!”.

What is the state of your consciousness about pleasure? There are no right or wrong answers. Let’s just talk about it!