As I grow older, I no longer take for granted the gift of being alive to experience another New Year. In my youth, my naive perspective lead me to believe I had countless New Years to celebrate and experience another DO OVER because I would be forever young, healthy and free to do whatever my heart lead me to do.

 This year, the New Year means something different for me. It is a much more sacred time of year. This new beginning is a precious gift simply because I am ALIVE. With this gift of breath and free will, I am determined to see things differently in 2016. I am determined to start from the beginning. I am determined to get clear, focused and passionate about all the things that make my heart sing.  That means filtering out the opinions of those who I once believed knew better than me or magazines that told me if I just get this new new, all will be well in my life. It means creating silence in my day so I can seek the guidance of my soul. And asking myself tough questions that I either never took the time to think about, was too scared to ever address, or choose to be so busy that I couldn’t hear what my soul was telling me would bring me the joy I desired.

 I invite you to go on this journey with me. To wake up! To explore your own heart, mind and body. What do you want for your life? What is the calling on your life? It is time to joyfully stand in the truth of who you are.  And who exactly IS that?

 The first step in “feeling” out what your soul is telling you is to begin each day with a spiritual practice. I recommend incorporating silence every morning. Sit in the stillness for at least five minutes before your house wakes up (and increase this time as you get more comfortable with the silence). This helps you to center yourself and quiet the chatter in your mind. You can either close your eyes or gaze outside or at a candle. I find myself using my 5 minutes of silence throughout the day… in the car pool line or when I am hiding from my kids in my closet! LOL! It’s such a precious gift to support us in hearing God’s whisper.

 For the next 12 months of this year, let’s explore a new way of feeling, a new way of thinking, and a new way of being. No longer are excuses acceptable because we all have a unique calling on our lives. YOU MATTER. What is the calling on your life? Let’s talk about it!