Dr. Martin Luther King: Lessons From His Legacy

As I sat in church today, I listened to my minister, Pastor Cosby… PREACH!!! His sermon spoke to Dr. King’s revolutionary and courageous vision for our country.  He also preached about how Dr. King implored the nation to be strong and courageous despite knowing that his own life would soon draw to an end at the young age of 39 years old.  Pastor Cosby challenged the congregation to stand in the lessons that Dr. King taught our nation and to apply them to our own lives.

So I ask you, what is the vision for your life?  Is the vision for your life worth trying something different? Is your vision important enough for you to stop what you are doing (or who you are doing it with) so you can realize your purpose on this earth???

To see your vision become a reality, you must be strong and courageous. You must be steadfast in what your soul is driving you to BECOME! It’s time for change. It’s time for dreams to be realized.

Of course, you will be met with setbacks, detours, distractions, doubts and naysayers. Look at Dr. King’s plight! There will be those that don’t believe in you, those that doubt you have the tenacity to persevere. Forget them! And forget beliefs of lack and fear! And remember…


No goal is reached without challenges. No dream is realized without sacrifice. No mission is accomplished without having to use your Plan B. Stand up for your DREAMS!

This may mean shifting everything in your life or just few things… Get clear about the yearnings of your heart. If you don’t know, pray. If you need more support, ask for help! Just keep moving …keep moving towards your vision for your life! REMIND YOURSELF


Be wary of old habits. Be aware of the voice in your head that tells you that you can’t or that you are not worthy. Do it anyway!

We are meant to live a life of passion and joy! It takes conviction. Rely on a Source greater than you. Ground yourself in God, the Universal Source, and the Creator to support you in your journey. This is about you and YOU! Remember…


Let’s honor Dr. King’s legacy by asking yourself how will you show up in your life with courage and strength?

Let’s talk about it!