People often say they are spiritual, not religious. But here’s my rub…does being spiritual mean we do nothing but call on God to bless our food when we sit down for a meal? Or if you lose something of value, you pray to God to return it? Does being spiritual give us a pass so we don’t feel guilty about not attending church on Sundays except for Easter?

 I confess, that for a large part of my life, I didn’t always get it. I always believed there was a God but I didn’t have an intimate relationship with Him and I didn’t take consistent dedicated time to strengthening my faith. Yet, I am so grateful to have a new definition about spirituality.   Being spiritual means connecting to God, the Universal Spirit, Energy, and/or Ancestors (or whatever you're comfortable calling this energy) that is always present in and through me. This energy is love. In order for me to discipline my thoughts to attract more of God in my experiences, I pray, meditate, sit in silence and educate myself on how to have a clearer understanding of my soul. Here is the thing…We can’t be spiritual unless we practice our spirituality.

 Saying, “I am spiritual” without a daily practice is like saying, “I am in shape” without moving your body. To achieve this goal, it is important to practice habits that are conducive to getting in shape or being spiritual. For example, if you want to be in shape one must figure out what to eat, how much water to drink, and what exercise plan will support you in moving your body. Similarly, if you want to create a more intimate relationship with God or Spirit, you have to know what qualities, disciplines, and practices will reveal your spiritual nature. This is the beginning of any sustaining change.

 Here are some examples of daily spiritual practices:

  •        PRAY!!!!

  •        Meditate & Sit in silence

  •        Practice disciplines like Yoga and Tai Chi.

  •        Eat right and exercise to stay in good health.

  •        Read books and articles that inspire you.

  •        Get outside and enjoy nature.

  •        Get involved in what you are passionate about

  •        Practice Gratitude. Journal about what you are grateful for

  •        Practice self-compassion in your self-talk

Try implementing at least three of the five practices over the next two weeks and journal about it.

If you have a daily spiritual practice, what is it? Or is saying “you’re spiritual” an excuse not to do anything at all? It’s okay. Today is a new day!!! Let’s talk about it!