Frosting On The Cake

Grandmas are moms with frosting!

My son had his flag football game this morning.
The team lost but my boy balled out! 
Two touchdowns and grabbing flags all over the place.

After the game, only his grandma would take the time to love up on my son and give him a foot massage!

Grandparents are so important for
children to have around.
To teach them,
love up on them,
and remind them their importance in the world!

I remember my grandma making turkey necks and fried potatoes for me when I went to her house to visit. We would watch Wheel Of Fortune and play Gin Rummy.

Thank God for grandparents!

They love you in a different way, they spoil you in ways that parents can't even imagine doing.

Do y'all remember being loved up by your grandma?

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