The Price of Fear

If you are not living in courage than fear shaping the quality of your life.

That fear is choosing your relationships.

That fear is running your finances.

That fear is showing up in your body.

That fear is creating chaos with your sistas and brothers.

Unless you recognize how fear is showing up in you as resistance, anger, judgment and struggle.... you will continue to be in pain and conflict.

It takes courage to admit that life ain't right.

It takes courage to keep growing the muscles of strength so you can BE something different.

It's starts with a pea size of faith. It takes a heaping of discipline. And it takes a knowing-ness that you were made to flourish and prosper. It takes knowing you can't do it alone!!!

You have to everything you need within you to make the shift or God wouldn't have placed the desire in you!

What are you willing to do today that you didn't have the courage to do a month ago for your healing?

Start today. Start now!

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