I Am Enough!!!!

Each and everyday you must set your intention for what you want to experience!

Affirm what you desire to feel!

It's a powerful tool for getting clear about your life!

Here is mine for today:

I am enough. 
I am a child of God with whom He is well pleased. 
There is nothing I can do to separate from His love. With this understanding, I am capable of soaring because He has placed that creativity, love, passion, compassion, order and abundance in my being-ness to support me in doing just that. When those thoughts of being too much or not enough show up in my world, I have the spiritual tools to identify what is happening in my body and compassionately redirect my actions towards the Truth of who I am. I am not my emotions or what I see. I am that I am. And I will continue to be a bold demonstration of this light.

What is it that you are affirming and intending for your day?

Make it great!

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