The More I Learn, The Less I Know

There are so many situations I find myself in that I have NO idea what I am doing! Like, I really don’t know. I admit that I have beaten myself up for not knowing how to be the woman I expect myself to be. There are days I really don’t know how to be a good wife, mother, student, friend, citizen… especially all in the same 24 hours! There are days when life happens and it just takes my breath away. From crazy shit happening on the news or a friend’s unexpected divorcing, death or illness, or a city in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that doesn’t have clean water for citizens to drink or bathe in. In these moments, I have no words, no answers, and in those times, I have no peace. Shouldn’t I know what to do or say by now?

I now realize that there is no way to know what I don’t know yet. It is abusive to myself to believe otherwise. Life is an unveiling process. There is no crystal ball. Yet connecting to Spirit helps to inform me on how to live. It allows me to be okay in not knowing what the hell I am supposed to do or feel or believe. It gives me the strength show up as a grown woman rather than a wounded child. And it supports me to know when it is time to be still or to take action.

Every day I am becoming more of the woman I am intended to be on this earth. I often remind myself throughout the day that I am a woman of courage, compassion, grace and forgiveness. And I am a work in progress. And it’s okay to be both!

We are so driven to appear as if we know everything but let’s try surrendering to the profound lesson that not knowing is trying to teach us.

What have you beaten yourself up for not knowing? Let’s talk about it!