Super Heroes

A dear friend of mine asked a great question… who is your super hero?

Simply put, it’s people who don’t give up!

Those that defy the odds! Life knocks her down,  she stands back up, straightens her wig, and declares to the world that one monkey don't stop no show!

Those who hold their heads high and their middle finger higher when told that they couldn’t, shouldn’t or can't be who The Most High God intended for them to be! No-thing or no-one will stop them... not their past, not a losing season, not cancer!  There is nothing my HOLINESS can't do!

Those that quietly grind and pray and grind some more to make their dreams become reality. Why not me?

Those that don’t pretend that the cup half full, they live their lives with the knowing beyond knowing that if they have a CUP, they are still in the game!

Those that re-invent, re-surrect, and re-define their lives even when they were uncertain if they were worthy to do so.

Those that stand up for people who have no voice. I won't let you die!

Those that are willing to fail in order to succeed. No one sees the sacrifice, the late nights, the early mornings. 

Those that were once addicted, outliers, abused and STILL I RISE!

Those that choose forgiveness,.

Yeah, y'all are the ones that wake me up out of the fog of victimhood, what if’s, and fear.

Fly super hero…fly! I see you even if no one else does.

I may never know your name, your particular story or how you made it through but I am both humbled and stronger for just having you in my presence.  And for that, I am blessed.