I was wondering…

Wold you be your friend if you just met yourself?

Would you find your company interesting enough ask for a second date?

Would you look forward to coming home to you if you were your own spouse?

Would you be uplifted and inspired after spending an afternoon with you, or drained and depleted?

Would you like the real you if there was no mask to hide all the shame and guilt you carry around projecting out towards other people?

Does what you say, believe, and expect line up with how you conduct yourself in the world?

So let me ask you something…. If you don’t really care for yourself, why would anyone else?

I believe this is God's work for us on this earth.  His greatest desire is for us to come to a higher awareness of who we really are and express THAT in every aspect of our lives. Give up the limitations and excuses and go for the JOY!

That joy creates a GOOD LIFE!