Quiet as a Church Mouse

 If humanely possible, I believe weekends are made for sleeping in late. Oftentimes, Saturday is the only day we get to "sleep in" until 8am. Just saying that makes me feel sad about how grown up I must be to say that. But I digress!

Yet every Saturday morning my 6 year old son is up at the crack of dawn. He is just busy! He is speaking in the loudest whisper he can manage, is hungry like he hadn't eaten in years and believes the only television that works in our entire house is the one in our bedroom. I can hear the fussing amongst my tribe of three as I drift in and out of consciousness. I am jolted out of my precious sleep by the shrill of:

"I'm telliiiiiiiiiinnnnnn!"
"Get out of my room.... MOOOOOOOMMM!!!
"I don't share cause you never share with me!"

Now fast forward to Sunday morning.... At 8am. You can hear birds chirping in my house. Radio Silence. You may ask why is that? I'll tell you! My kids have devised a plan to play possum so that my husband and I just might forget they exist, that we wouldn't remember that they actually live in our house... All to avoid going to church!

It's a miracle...
No one is dying of starvation.
No one is tellin!
No one might pass out from sheer boredom.
And there is no "MOOOOOOOOMMMM!"

And when we do yell upstairs that it's time to get ready for church, it's as if we have said they need to pack up and head to military school!  We get every excuse from "I'm blind cause my eyes are swollen shut" or "I JUST remembered all the homework I have to do (he has clearly recovered from a serious case of selective anmesia that he was inflicted with on both Friday after school and ALL Saturday). Did I miss something?

To my favorite excuse "We have to go to church in a pattern. We go one week and the then we can't go the next week or we will mess up the pattern!" Can't be mad at the logic there!

And here's the thing... My husband and I are both so tired, we sometimes have to convince ourselves of how important it is to fellowship with others rather than just lay in the bed and watch 3 episodes of Super Soul Sunday.

So this is truly not helpful.

God knows we are trying to raise our tribe the right way! Creating memories of going to church as a family unit. Providing them with a bigger sense of community. Creating habits that will stay with them well beyond living in our home.
And here is the crazy part…Every Sunday on the ride home from church, it is nothing but grins and excitement in the backseat.
Then we are right back to:
“Tell him to stop touching me!”
“I'm tellllllin'!”
"I'm so hungry!!"

Please tell me who are these little people? And do these same people live in your house too?