The Making of Tiffany

"The Universe is a BIG Xerox copy machine, It simply produces copies of my thoughts!"

Because I KNOW that my life is a direct reflection of my thoughts, I'm up at the crack
of dawn and heading to Maryland... Again!


A bit frazzled...

Yet, I am beginning my third year at Iyanla Vanzant's Inner Visions Institute For Spiritual Development.

It's an act of congress to organize my tribe of kids and ALL
their activities over the weekend without me there...

I am missing my husband's birthday, for the first time in 16 years...

But I'm going! And you wanna know why?

Cause there is NO-THING more important than my healing and being reminded and educated about the Truth Of Who I Am. I am determined to live my life out loud and play to win...

You see, I'm training my mind and moving out of my OWN way so God can use me. Cause when I am in alignment with HIM, NO-thing, NO-one can stop me!

Then and only then can I embrace being the wife, mother and woman I was intended to BE with passion, grace and joy!

I call in my angels, ancestors, The Universal Mind to keep guiding my footsteps!

"Cause what didn't demolish me simply polished me!"
India Irie

Join me on this journey of transformation.

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