Tapping The Power Within: The Wonder Woman Weekend

I am often asked "What did you do to change your life?"  Honestly, the absolute first step I took was to enroll in the Wonder Woman Weekend hosted by Master Teacher Iyanla Vanzant.  If you're looking to make a life change that can support your highest being, this is the first step and commitment to revealing the Truth of who you really are!  Are you ready to live your life now?

If you are waiting for life to become the wondrous adventure you always dreamed it could be...The Wonder Woman Weekend is for you!

If you are wanting, struggling, trying to find a deeper, more meaningful purpose in life...The Wonder Woman Weekend is for you!

If you are stuck in the trauma of childhood experiences, the pain of a broken heart, the isolation of feeling alone, the confusion of unfulfilled dreams, or the much and mire of everyday living... The Wonder Woman Weekend is for you!

We are going to pray, play, share, explore and uncover the wondrous woman power buried at the center of your being!

Using meditation, visualization, spiritual self examination techniques, we will support you in healing your mind and opening your heart.

The Wonder Woman Weekend is more than just a workshop, it is an experiential learning process which places you in touch with the emotional and mental patterning that inhibits your ability to live up to your full potential. Our workshops are designed to love and support you into a state of peace, health, joy, balance and love without giving you more to do. You can be free of the mental, emotional and spiritual chains which have held you in bondage.

Facilitated by Iyanla and a team of fourteen spiritual and holistic practitioners, this is more than a workshop, it is “Soul Surgery” guaranteed to give you the “faith lift” needed to bring your life into alignment with the wonderful power inherent in all women.

Tapping the Power Within: Wonder Woman Weekend FAQ

What will we be doing in the workshop?
This is the most commonly asked question; unfortunately there is no straightforward answer we can give you so we asked some participants how they would describe the experience. Here are some of the responses we received...
more than I could have ever imagined
you (Inner Visions) could not have described this
life changing
So we can only tell you what we told them... Trust the Process!

What should I bring?
An Open Mind. An Open Heart. And a Willing Spirit. You Must Be Willing!

Is there a dress code?
The environment of our workshop is very casual. You should bring loose fitting comfortable clothing. Please wear light colored clothing. Also, we will conduct a mandatory exercise each morning. For that you will need tennis shoes, sweat pants or workout clothing.

Do I have to participate in all sessions?
Yes. All workshop participants are require and expected to participate in all sessions. The workshop begins on Friday at 4:00 p.m. and ends on Sunday at 4:00 p.m. Please make your travel arrangements accordingly and allow for travel time to and from the airport.

Financial Commitment
The financial commitment for the Wonder Woman Weekend is:
$1950.00 for a single
$1800.00 for a double (roommates assigned) 

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