Do You Ever Get Stuck - A Conversation With Roland Martin

TV ONE'S, Roland Martin, stopped by our studio for an in depth interview earlier this week.

We spoke about his life's journey and lessons learned. Check out an except of the conversation where Roland made the distinction between being stuck in life and being stalled.

If you ever had a tough time in life.... listen up and see if his words can support you! They sure resonated with me...

Join The Journey WIth Tiffany Smith and let's talk about it!!

Manifestation Monday with Shanel Cooper Sykes

This week on Manifestation Monday, Brunch at Tiffanys had the extreme pleasure of interviewing Life Coach and Social Media Spiritual Coach Shanel Cooper-Sykes. She agreed to do the interview on short notice, and she showed up transparent, honest, joy-filled, and motivated to share her message with me and all of you. So take a look, watch a little bit, but i really encourage you to watch the entire video if time permits. There is something in this broadcast that everyone can relate to. Thank you again Shanel for being an amazing guest!

Manifestation Monday with Keva Horry

Keva DeVelle Horry's journey as a mother, special-needs activist and fighter honestly blows me away.

I am in awe of this dynamic force.

"She is wrapped in constant compassion and always wears a smile. I admire her undying strength and positive outlook on life in general."
Vanessa Williams
Glamorous Sacrifice

Join us for an in depth interview with Keva Horry. You won't regret it!

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LA Style - Part 3 - Life Now

I have always considered myself a girl’s girl! One of my most treasured gifts is my relationship with my friends. I have friendships that span the world and have withstood the test of time and distance. And when we get together, I experience a slice of heaven here on earth. No matter where we are, no matter how long it has been since we last saw each other, when we are together, there is NO other place I’d rather be than in their company! Usually you will find us eatin’ good food, drinkin’ a little Grey Goose (a little cranberry with extra lime), dancin’ and going deep!

LA Style - Part 2 - My Girls

The Wu Tang Crew Minus A Few

The Wu Tang Crew Minus A Few

We were young women with thriving careers, living our dreams out loud in the City of Angels, looking for love, yet not quite knowing how it all would present itself in our lives.  The sermon, No More Sermon by Dr. Juanita Bynum, gave us direction and insight on how to navigate this unchartered time of our lives.

Let me introduce you to my girls, "Our Wu Tang Crew"

LA Style - Part 1 - Juanita Bynum

This summer, I had the opportunity to visit my old stomping grounds in Los Angeles, California with my family.  While there, I got a chance to hang out with 4 of my girl friends who I hadn't seen in over 15 years.  Fifteen years ago, we were all single women in LA with thriving careers, who were all asking the same question..."When am I going to meet the man of my dreams?"

It was during one of our many nights of long conversations that we stumbled across Juanita Bynum's sermon "No More Sheets".  In that moment she spoke directly to our souls.  Her words penetrated our minds and opened our hearts to a way of thinking that changed us forever.

Join us on the journey as we relive our experience of No More Sheets and how it had lasting impressions on our lives.

From Haiti, With Love

Thank you, God!

Our kids departed the Haitian orphanage today.
They are different from when they arrived because they are leaving friends that only a few days ago were strangers.

Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because those who love with their heart and souls, there is no such thing as separation.

Devine Grace!

I am overwhelmed with gratitude Gina Gaston & Mario Elie!
From the moment I met y'all, I knew we would be forever friends! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I will RIDE with y'all and yours 4ever!

A Conversation with Bryant McGill

To be quite honest, I was unfamiliar with Bryant McGill until the Celebrate Your Life conference at Unity Church of Houston.  When I met him I was blown away!

For more information about Bryant McGill, please click image to visit his website.

For more information about Bryant McGill, please click image to visit his website.

He is just a force!  He has over a million daily visitors to his social media channels (@bryantmcgill  and @mysimplereminders on Instagram) because he is speaking about what our hearts know to be true but many are too afraid to address.

Please take a look at this brief interview...It is truly worth your while!



A Conversation with Rev. Michael Beckwith

Brunch at Tiffany's had the opportunity to interview the guest speakers at the Celebrate Your Life conference hosted by Mischa Productions at Unity Church of Houston.  I was truly excited to chat with author and founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center in California, Rev. Michael Beckwith.

Rev. Beckwith is co-author of the New York Times Bestseller, The Secret.  He takes his ministry to the streets to help those who are in the greatest need whether it be the homeless or the incarcerated.

He teaches us to wake up, be Intentional, and participate in our journey! We are able to shift the trajectory of our lives when we change the way we think!

A master manifestor and visionary!

I was truly inspired, hopefully you will be as well. Enjoy the interview, leave a comment, and let's talk about it!