Love at first, my Fourth baby – my sudden outburst I took the test!

The news of being pregnant again, until this day what other news could be the greatest.

I am elated and the message I was eager to send to all my family and friends.


Each day you were inside me my love for you grew.

You made me realize that I had the capacity to love endlessly.

Love immensely I knew.

Everywhere I went the compliments of my glow.

You, I professed would be my new found love, already it began to show.


I need you to know and feel how special you are.

In spite of being fourth to arrive.

Your ability and arrival is that of a star.


You have given me the need to not just live, but also to thrive.

You have given me the gift of and a sense of limitlessness.

A power to overtake anything I feel so blessed.

You have given me a new sail.

For this reason, you are named: Goodson, Abigail.


I Love you!                                                                                        

Your Mommy

Tamar Goodson